Orion Yacht Charters

Building a digital identity for the epitome of luxury


Orion Yacht Charter is the ultimate way to explore the Pacific. Combining the magic of sailing with luxury accommodation in a paradise setting is a dream come true! Orion is considered one of the most stand out yachts in the Pacific, but unless fortunate enough to be in the ocean beside it, or taking it in from the harbour - this fact is unknown.


We brought Orion differentiation from the loud market of charter websites, instead of blending in to the endless list of yachts, Orion has their own website, something very unique in their market. This not only enables them to now stand out to referral prospects, but also to attract and market to their own prospects and escape the crutches of using a broker.


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Market Leading Website

Standing out from the crowd

When looking to book something as luxurious as Orion, first impressions are everything. That's why it's vital to have a luxurious website. Fortunately for Orion, they chose MOD.

We undertook a collective analysis and collation of all the 'best bits' from charter and luxury resort websites, exploring in granular detail WHY each element was working. We developed a moodboard, wireframe and strategy for implementation.

Mobile Optimised

If you've read any of our other case studies, you're probably tired of hearing how everything we create is ready for use on any device. The Orion website is no different - the website has maximum compatibility with mobile and desktop devices.

Lead Management

Live Chat Integration

A key goal of Orion's is to bring in new leads on an ongoing basis - with that in mind, there needs to be a touchpoint and an easy way for prospects and users to connect with the Orion team.

We crafted a front facing live chat function and synchronized it with a dedicated mobile app that, even in the middle of the ocean, the Orion crew is able to use and answer questions with. The app links with the live chat and with the forms on the website, bringing all leads into a centralised, user friendly CRM system.


Wow! So many chats, thank you so much Flynn. You are a wizard.

Vanessa Langridge