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Flynn - Mod Digital
What started with a 16 year old, his laptop and a dream has since evolved to a pandemic ready global team with one clear goal :
help our clients surpass their sales and revenue goals.

About the founder

Flynn, a 17-year-old Gen Z, is the founder and director of MOD Digital. Until summer 2019, designing websites was his side-hustle. But, then after not seeing much value in classroom education, he dropped out of school to start a full-fledged lead generation agency.
Since then, Flynn, with his kickass army of superheroes at MOD Digital, has helped over 50+ clients from different industries, sizes, and geographical locations to surpass their revenue goals. 

Flynn has featured in numerous reputed publications for his notable achievements. He is most enthusiastic about building sales-targeted website funnels, generating and nurturing leads for clients, and enhancing the client experience.

What we stand for

clear business outcomes - Mod Digital

Clear business outcomes

What will you even do with 100k reach if that can’t convert into leads and revenue for you?

We care about clear business outcomes: qualified leads, sales-ready prospects and growth in revenue.

This starts from mapping out clear buyer personas for you to understand key platforms where your target prospects spend their time. Then, we reverse-engineer to plan, execute and analyze strategies that inspire people to take action.
Clear ROI - Mod Digital

Real ROI

Setting up the SMART KPIs and evaluating them against actual performance is necessary to determine the success of each campaign and to steer the marketing efforts in the right direction.

Instead of shooting for vanity metrics (likes, comments, views, etc.), we set clear ROI expectations.

With our live client dashboard, we can showcase the exact performance of each marketing campaign, to the penny and pound and relevant to the last minute.
Human approach - Mod Digital

Human-approach; psychologically led

We talk to and with humans — keeping their emotions, objectives and feelings in mind.

Rather than pushing generic, boring stuff, we personalize and customize our message according to the specific buyer personas. In our copies, creatives, email marketing campaigns and everything else we do, you’ll always find a tinge of humility and empathy.

Relationship-building comes first; business, sales and growth are the result of it.