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"Wholeheartedly Recommend"

"We wouldn't be here without you"

"Wish we found you sooner"

We simplify the hustle of scaling businesses - accelerating growth, alleviating stress, and bringing joy back into the game for the tireless entrepreneurs like you who drive them. We aren't just playing the game, we're redefining it – and we need you on our team.


Our story probably sounds a lot like yours:

starting from zero, dreaming big, overcoming obstacles and achieving mastery.



A Creative Obsession

Our story begins with a bored teenager sitting in his classroom, dreaming big and planning his next business venture. Even after reselling chewing gums, sneakers and luxury clothing to his entire school, his entrepreneurial heart yearned for something big. 


He somehow stumbled into the world of web design and he fell in love! Soon, he was overwhelmed by the demand for his skill and decided to drop out of school. That 16-year-old boy was our founder and future marketing genius, Flynn Blackie. 



Cracking The Code

After Flynn founded MOD Digital, he was instrumental in bringing dozens of small businesses into the digital arena, building high-converting websites and creating automated lead-capturing systems to increase his clients' revenue. 

But soon, Flynn discovered that what his clients' really wanted was not just good-looking websites, but consistent customer inflow, income stability, and a life free from stress.


That's when Flynn found his second love: digital marketing. Fast forward to 2020, the world shut down, demand for online advertising skyrocketed, and MOD Digital seized the opportunity, assembling a team of marketing experts from around the globe and helping companies drive growth through hyper-personalised advertising.


2021 - Present

Scaling Globally

After several trial-and-error attempts, A/B testing and a few empty Gatorade bottles later, we designed our revolutionary Growth Ignition System that can generate predictable customers on-demand and help you take your business to the next level of growth. 

We've implemented our system in companies around the globe, allowing them to surpass their business goals and generate millions of pounds in revenue in a very short period of time. These incredible results gained us industry-wide recognition and helped Flynn earn a position in the prestigious WISE 20 Under 20 List as well as becoming a three-time finalist for the Young British Entrepreneurial Awards.

Trusted By The Best

We've worked with billion-dollar companies and legacy organisations like Wix, Wise and ActionCOACH. Our unique strategies have  been featured in various reputed publications. 

Global Team of Experts

The sun never sets in the MOD empire. Be it any hour of the day, there's someone from our global team of marketing experts working tirelessly to grow your business.

Hassle-Free Experience

What our clients love most about is is the overall experience, thanks to automated review processes, on-time communications, & in-depth weekly reports to keep you updated on everything.


Great work attracts attention from great people!

Document your journey, Flynn, because if you keep going on the path you're on with those results at your agency, there'll be an incredible story to tell.

Steven Bartlett

Investor on Dragons' Den, host of The Diary of a CEO

Flynn is a rockstar. A super exciting young entrepreneur with a ludicrous amount of potential! Go Flynn!

Rhonda Swan

Host of The Unstoppable Show and Author of Master Emotional Intelligence

Flynn Blackie, an arbiter for Gen-Z entrepreneurship. A young man destined to make a big impact on his journey.

Brendan Kane

Author of One Million Followers and founder of Hookpoint

Flynn defies the odds. His youth has made him open-minded. He focuses relentlessly on listening and gaining feedback.

Tim Denning

Contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider and Top Writer on LinkedIn

Flynn is determined and creative. I'm truly excited to be able to support a bright mind that is shaping solutions for a better future.

Taavet Hinrikus

CEO and Founder of Wise (formerly Transferwise)

Flynn is a star. I've been watching his journey since its infancy and it's never failed to bring a smile. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Alison Edgar MBE

Author of Secrets of Successful Sales & Smash It! The Art of Getting What You Want

Trusted by market leading organizations


Today marks the turning point in your business story. Years from now, you're going to look back and remember that this was the day you said goodbye to a life of stress and uncertainty. The pain of figuring everything out on your own, second-guessing your every move, and praying desperately for something to work, will all be a thing of the past.

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