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The best business owners don't stress about getting customers. They already have an automatic system in place for that. Instead, they're planning their next moves and perfecting their product. Would you like to be one of them? 

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Dear Business Builder,


We know you're jaded!


You see ads every day promising the world and delivering a pile of 💩 . 


You're tired of cold emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry pitching you ad services and saying they've produced "massive" results for their clients.


They might even claim to make you a 💸 multi-billionaire within the next fortnight, you know, with all the "massive" amounts of leads and customers they're going to flood you with.


But you're not stupid! You can deduce from their words that they couldn't sell water in a desert.


And we know what happens next to that email — Control + Shift + Delete.


You'll do that because you're well aware of how hard it is to get leads online in 2023.


You know that new 🔒 privacy policies have made digital marketing an unpredictable pursuit.


But what surprises me is that you're still here, reading all this. 


Which means, you're seriously looking for ways to bring in more leads to your business. 


You're thinking, "If only I could get more customers predictably, I could stop worrying and get to a better place where I want my business to be."


Ok, I'm going to be very honest with you...


👉 Digital advertising has become very difficult! 


Earlier, you could find someone who searched for "lipstick" and immediately target them on Facebook with a stock lipstick image and generic copy...and it would still convert well. 


I'm sorry, but that era is long gone!


Businesses that haven't adapted to this change are on the verge of shutting down and thousands have so far.


But what if I told you, that 😎 our clients are still bringing in new leads and customers every single day, consistently AND profitably?


Yes, that's right! Despite everything that's happening in the digital marketing space, our clients are seeing results as high as a 17x RoAS!


How? We've developed a bullet-proof lead-generation system that can predictably generate high-quality leads for your business so that...


…you can forget all your marketing worries and focus your time on what you love to do in your business.


Think about it for a second. Where would your business be if your marketing was on auto-pilot and brought in customers through the door, regularly and without fail?


What if, in just 30 minutes, you could change the trajectory of your business? 


Well, lucky for you, we just shot a killer marketing video where we explain our Growth Ignition Engine and how we use it to generate an average of 8.4x returns for our clients.


Plus, we'll show you LIVE sales figures of our clients on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and Google Ads Managers.

But most importantly, we'll give you a 90-Day Plan to go from stagnant uncertainty to exponential growth, where you have a system bringing in new customers consistently and reliably, so that you're focused on scaling your business, not firefighting problems every single day!

Please join fast. This video will be taken down in the next few days as we don't want any competitors stealing our system, which took us years to build and perfect.




When the realisation dawned on him that sitting in a classroom all day wasn't his true calling, Flynn dropped out of high school to focus on his fast-growing web design & lead-generation agency.


For the past 4 years, Flynn has been serving as the Director of MOD Digital and takes care of the marketing needs of various small and medium enterprises around the world.


His primary objective at MOD is to help E-commerce, Ed-tech and B2B businesses reach revenue stability by improving their sales through unique social media marketing strategies.


As a result of his business acumen, Flynn was selected as the winner of WISE 20 Under 20 and was nominated as the finalist for the prestigious Young British Entrepreneur of the Year Award three years in a row!


Flynn had been hesitant to reveal the secrets behind his success, usually giving drips and drabs in interviews. But now, for the first time ever, he's opening up about his marketing psychology in detail.


Document your journey, Flynn, because if you keep going on the path you're on with those results at your agency, there'll be an incredible story to tell.

Steven Bartlett

Investor on Dragons' Den, host of The Diary of a CEO

Flynn is a rockstar. A super exciting young entrepreneur with a ludicrous amount of potential! Go Flynn!

Rhonda Swan

Host of The Unstoppable Show and Author of Master Emotional Intelligence

Flynn Blackie, an arbiter for Gen-Z entrepreneurship. A young man destined to make a big impact on his journey.

Brendan Kane

Author of One Million Followers and founder of Hookpoint

Flynn defies the odds. His youth has made him open-minded. He focuses relentlessly on listening and gaining feedback.

Tim Denning

Contributor at Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider and Top Writer on LinkedIn

Flynn is determined and creative. I'm truly excited to be able to support a bright mind that is shaping solutions for a better future.

Taavet Hinrikus

CEO and Founder of Wise (formerly Transferwise)

Flynn is a star. I've been watching his journey since its infancy and it's never failed to bring a smile. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Alison Edgar MBE

Author of Secrets of Successful Sales & Smash It! The Art of Getting What You Want

Before You Found This Page

Confused. Drifting in the water. Playing guessing games as to where and when your next customer will come from.

As You Read This Now

Hopeful. You feel like there could be a way to turn your business around by implementing Flynn's marketing system.

Where You'll Be In 30 Mins

Confident. You've seen Flynn's system in action & you're ready to implement it in your business. You've said goodbye to a life of uncertainty.



To my fellow Business Owner,


As you might know, the next quarter of 2023 is just around the corner and I know you've set some business goals and targets.


But let me ask you this...


Are you really sure you're going to hit them, you know, with all the doom and gloom talks in the economy and the impending changes to online privacy policies?


You now have two options in front of you. You can forget you saw all this, click away and end 2023 more or less similar to what your business looks like today.

OR, you can watch this value-packed video, copy these strategies and make 2023 the year you finally achieve your business goals and dreams...


...all in the next 30 minutes! That's less time required than watching an episode of Friends

The choice is yours! But please remember that you might not get a second chance to watch this again.

Who This Is For

✅ Business Owners in ANY industry

✅ Marketing Managers in medium & large companies

✅ Entrepreneurs who learn & take action

✅ Businesses looking to generate more leads

Who This Is Not For

❌ Non-Business Owners / Non-Marketers

❌ Businesses with more customers than they can handle right now

❌ Entrepreneurs who don't take action

❌ Businesses that do not provide a good service


    Marketing budgets are for losers! You only need a budget if you’re losing money. Most of our clients constantly keep asking us to increase their marketing spend because we’ve generated great results for them and now they have more money to reinvest into marketing in order to generate more revenue.
    MOD stands for ‘Marketing Or Design’. Whether it’d be your marketing needs or design requirements, we’ve got you covered. Although we’re primarily focused on growth, we’ve not forgotten our design roots when we started back in the day. We believe great marketing and great design go hand-in-hand to generate exceptional results for your business.
    Just click on the link below to book a call with us and choose a time and date that works for you. We’re going to take a look at your business and discuss how to replicate our growth ignition machine in your business.
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