Elysium Edinburgh

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Project Overview

Located in the heart of Leith, Elysium is a facility where you will change your fitness and health through a variety of ways including physical exercise, education and lifestyle changes leading to a better body, fitness and health.

To coincide with their digital marketing, Elysium wanted a website that's professional & slick would obtain customers organically. MOD created the perfect balance between user-friendliness and attractiveness, to accommodate Elysium's desire.

Wix, Facebook Ads, Google Ads
Web Design
Elysium Edinburgh

Lead Driven

A key goal of Elysium's was to bring in new leads. MOD continues to create a variety of marketing popups, landing pages and lead magnets, to encourage site visitors to give their details.

Market Leading Design

When potential customers go looking for a new gym, the website can be the first thing they look at, and in such a competitive industry, the first impression is almost always the difference. Fortunately for Elysium, they chose MOD. We took all the best bits from websites around the globe and combined them to create Elysium's masterpiece.


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