Dalson Alarms

Making a digital identity look 20 years younger


Dalson Alarms are a home security business with alarms across the capital. With almost 30 years experience in the security industry, Dalson Alarms are committed to meeting customer needs through the prompt delivery of cost-effective, innovative and high-quality security solutions. With almost no updates to their website for 10 solid years “time for an update” would be an understatement.


We helped Dalson Alarms bring the 10 year evolution of their business to their new website. With a fresh new modern image, Dalson Alarms were soon able to tell their story once again. The website was built to support all needs of a modern day website; Mobile Optimisation, Search Engine Support, appropriate lead setup and beyond.


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Website Redevelopment

Good design costs, but what’s the cost of bad design?

The first impression for many businesses is often your website, so whatever your website connotes, it’s likely your prospects will think the same of your business, right? Dalson’s business was up-to-date, we needed their website to reflect that.

Superimposed branding

Dalson Alarms wanted to create a strong brand image, they, unfortunately, didn't have the necessary photos. Fear not! MOD decided to superimpose the Dalson Logo onto multiple images to showcase features such as the Dalson App - no photos needed!

Mobile Optimisation

With the majority of the target audience using a mobile device, it was vital that the website was built from a mobile first standpoint.

As with anything we create at MOD, we ensured that the Dalsonm website was mobile-friendly and ready to view on any screen.

Rebuilding from the ground up

On-the-go client management

For Dalson, it was not a case of taking what they had and making design improvements. We had to completely refresh the back-end - and make it ready for the modern era.

As a result of building the website from scratch, we had the chance to form a mobile app integration. Now, managing enquiries has never been easier, with our simple app integration, Dalson Alarms are able to speak to customers anywhere, anytime.