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Home Sales Fast

Making cold calls obselete and introducing property leads on-demand




Home Sales Fast are a property buying company supporting those who value making the sale quickly over getting the maximum price for their property. Home Sales Fast makes the purchase, refurbishes the property and then sells it in a more timely manner to ensure full market price. Before working with MOD, Home Sales Fast relied on inefficient methods such as cold calling and referrals. They were also working with a different agency which produced mediocre results. Although this approach was sufficient for covering costs, it was unpredictable and inconsistent. Home Sales Fast desperately needed a reliable lead-generation system that could take their business to the next level.


MOD introduced a new paragon to Home Sales Fast - a proven and predictable client generation system that enables Home Sales Fast to say “When we invest this, we’re going to get this in return”. Results that would go onto a system that enabled them to say goodbye to cold uncertainty and hello to a predictable system that enables them to accelerate the growth of their business.


Cold calling



Client vaccuum

60 days



Abandon the maze of guesswork, save yourself from the trial-by-fire, and sidestep the endless rabbit hole of solo troubleshooting. Leap forward into a world where business growth is fueled by data-backed acquisition strategies, proven conversion funnels, and robust operational frameworks. Because let's be honest, growth should be about strategy and hard work, not just hoping for a lucky break.

Lead Generation Funnel

Conversion Focussed Experience

Although Home Sales Fast had its main website with all of the usual jargon, our ads needed a place where we could ensure maximum conversion rates. We created a funnel delivering all of the information the users would need to become a prospect in Home Sales Fast’s CRM.

That’s where we introduced the Home Valuation Tool — a simple tool on their website that lets users check what their home is currently worth. We theorized that if anyone’s interested in knowing what price their home would sell for, chances are they’re interested in selling their home.

Whenever a prospect lands on their website looking for a quick valuation, they had to input their personal information in order to view the numbers. These leads would then be transferred to the sales team who would follow up with the prospects. If they are the right fit, Home Sales Fast would take the next steps to move forward with the deal.

The landing page was equipped to address pain points, show how Home Sales Fast can alleviate those pains easily and back it up with social proof from those who had used it before.

Rapid Conversion

Our calls to action led to a very simple, clean, staged form. Staging the form instils a belief in the user that it will only take a few seconds. A simple feature that can prevent the loss of users due to daunting, page-long forms.

And the results speak for themselves. We successfully created a highly profitable lead generation system. We were able to build a reliable, evergreen funnel that wiped away all their earlier worries of not having enough customers. 

On average, we were able to generate 131 leads at a cost of £1655.47 for a cost-per-lead of only £12.64. Those numbers are unheard of in this industry. Imagine getting a qualified lead for just £12. And since we’re talking about real estate here, that one lead alone would give them tens of thousands of pounds in profit.

Personalised Advertising

Pain Orientated

The prospects we were targeting were each facing a series of different pain points which made selling their home fast a priority as opposed to waiting for months to get a good deal. 

Selling a property is a time-consuming process. You have to spend thousands of pounds on making renovations to make your house look good. Then, you have to list it, and display it to dozens of potential buyers. And let’s not forget the agent commissions, lawyer fees, taxes and a bunch of other costs.

Imagine someone with a busy schedule who inherited a property and doesn’t know what to do with it. They don’t have the time for all the hassles of selling and would rather get rid of this headache quickly by selling it as fast as possible. 

Not only that but we also have homebuyers who’re looking to migrate due to their job demands and have to sell their homes as early as possible. We also have people going through a divorce, people having homes that require costly repairs, people who lost their jobs and couldn’t repay their mortgages and so on. 

We targeted these customer personas through Facebook and Instagram with hyper-personalised advertisements, talking deeply about their pain points and painting Home Sales Fast as their solution. 

The ads were remarkably successful and generated hundreds of highly-qualified leads every single month for Home Sales Fast. Even after our initial success, we continued testing new creatives, new audiences and new approaches which ultimately led to higher conversions and lower conversion costs.


131 Leads £1655.47 Spent £12.64+ Average Cost Per Lead

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"Great work the leads are coming in cheaper than ever"


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