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How we were able to generate new customers at as little as £0.64




Located in the heart of Leith, Elysium is a facility where you will change your fitness and health through a variety of ways including physical exercise, education and lifestyle changes leading to a better body, fitness and health. "One of the biggest issues we faced as a business was our leads and making sure our leads were taken care of". Elysium wanted to spend their time on doing what they do best. They were seeking a proven system for lead generation, nurturing and attracting new customers.


Enter the MOD system - a concrete lead generation and nurture system to predictably generate new leads on demand. Having scratched the surface with boosting posts on social media, getting contact form submissions on the website, Elysium knew there was untapped potential with what they were doing already, they just needed someone who had a proven strategy and who knew how to accelerate them to the next level.


Word of mouth



£0.64 per lead

30 days



Abandon the maze of guesswork, save yourself from the trial-by-fire, and sidestep the endless rabbit hole of solo troubleshooting. Leap forward into a world where business growth is fueled by data-backed acquisition strategies, proven conversion funnels, and robust operational frameworks. Because let's be honest, growth should be about strategy and hard work, not just hoping for a lucky break.

Facebook Advertising

The “Free” sales process

Elysium operates on a free trial basis - the client comes in for a free trial, or for a personal training consultation, they try it out, if they enjoy it, they sign up, if not they don’t. It’s no surprise that this strategy converts at an 80% success rate

But that isn’t the problem: The problem: in order to generate sales from free trialists, we need to get free trialists through the door right?

‍So how? Simple: Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook gathers more data on you than you probably know, but when you take a step back, it’s pretty obvious. Think about it, when was the last time you needed something really badly, and then when you were scrolling down your Instagram it appeared out of nowhere between your friend’s new puppy and your cousin’s birthday cocktail.

Hyper-personalised audience targeting

Through aggressive testing of hundreds of variables, we built a clear picture of the exact behaviours, interests, locations, likes and dislikes, even as far as relationship statuses, anniversaries and the age of their children. This is how we systematically manufactured Elysium’s ‘Golden Audiences’.

We built an ‘evergreen’ Facebook ads campaign that works no matter what day, week or season of the year.

Our methods allowed us to reach people before they even knew they were interested - before they knew they were in the market to buy. This meant that we could soar Elysium past their competition and engage the prospects at an earlier stage in the buying journey, and thus at a lower cost.

When the competition consists of Pure Gym, David Lloyd and Nuffield Health - players with unquestionably bigger budgets - it’s the intricacies of our granular targeting that allows MOD to bring Elysium to the top.

Targeting orientated personalised adverts

For every audience, there needs to be an advert, or 2, or 3, or 10…

To truly capitalise on the hyper-personalised audience, we have to show them a hyper-personalised advert. Each advert is meticulously engineered for it’s recipients and designed to strike a nerve, whether that be a pain point, or a deep desire.

We further test hundreds of variables in Elysium’s adverts - colours, backgrounds, images, copywriting, headlines and we even dive into things like capitalization, sizing, positioning, emojis, the list goes on.

£8.86 average per red hot lead

Consistently hitting the sweet spot between audience and creative enables Elysium to surpass their lead and revenue goals. We were able to generate new customers for Elysium at as little as £0.64 (that’s less than a bar of chocolate).

If you want to know what the sweet spot is, click here to schedule a free breakthrough strategy session, and we’ll work together to unmask newfound clarity about where you are right now, and what’s holding you back from the next level.


£0.22 Average Cost Per Click £8.68 Average Cost Per Lead 140,000+ Page Engagements

Website & Funnels

Reinventing an online identity

To truly bring value and to elevate all of Elysium’s digital marketing activities, MOD architected a lead driven, marketing leading website for Elysium.

The new Elysium website feels user friendly, professional and slick, much like the experience they offer. We used Webflow to deliver a unique experience and to drive leads and conversions for Elysium. The content strategy was significantly improved and there is far better lateral navigation across the board. Their brand story is further elevated through a dynamic blogging tool which refreshes throughout the Elysium website.

Edit ready - ‘babyproof’

Elysium get to say goodbye to the clunky, disconnected dashboards of other CMSs. Our CMS of choice lets you add and edit right on your live website, and publish with a click. Plus with our customised dynamic objects - edit once, update everywhere. Need to change an article’s headline? Edit it once, and it’ll update across the site.

The website is unbreakable. No more worrying about making changes. MOD are the poachers and the anxieties are extinct.

Building landing pages designed to generate leads

As important as any advert is - is the web page they are pointed to. We created designated landing pages stripped of all distractions and focused on one thing: maximising leads. The text and website graphics were all designed to seamlessly move our prospects towards the form submission.

Nothing ruins a great ad campaign like slow page speed. The last thing you want is to pay for people to click on the ads, and then leave before even seeing the website (which happens far too often). With that in mind, we built the landing pages with page load speed as a priority. This resulted in an excellent average load time of less than 2 seconds.

As per our standard for everything digital  - our landing pages too followed the prophecy of 100% mobile responsiveness. MOD understands where all of our client’s audiences will be coming from and for Elysium, the majority is certainly mobile.

Lead Nurturing

CRM & Marketing Automation

We took Elysium's lead process to a whole new level with our implimentation and execution of the Elysium CRM. We insitlled a marketing automation system that completely reinvented the lead follow up process of all free trials, free consultations, free downloads - you name it. We granted Elysium the ability to once again focus on and put all of their energy into wowing their prospects and delivering amazing results for their clients - by doing what we do best, Elysium can do what they do best.

What does this mean for you?

Thank you for reading our case study! If you’re interested in recreating this kind of campaign for your business, you’ve basically got two options:

Do it in-house. Successful digital advertising is complex. At a minimum, your team should have competency and experience in media buying, copywriting, graphic design, tracking and analytics.

Outsource it. If you have the resources, hiring an agency is a fast, easy and effective option. Just make sure that the agency is focused on performance and knows how to drive revenue, not just engagement.

We’d love to discuss how MOD can help you leverage a proven system for generating more leads. Feel free to reach out for a free strategy session.

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360 degree solution to running a fitness business

Dean Robertson



"I have peace of mind because I know that each lead is going to be treated well and that we are going to get a member from off the back of it. It's been a fantastic experience so far and I look forward to doing a lot more work together in the future because MOD has revolutionised my business."


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