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Brighton & Beck

Generating 76 comprehensive real estate leads for £12




Brighton & Beck is an innovative Estate Agency that provides a range of ways to sell your property from traditional property listings through to auctions. Before MOD, Brighton & Beck were relying on cold calling, referrals and a slow-moving social media strategy to find new sellers. Whilst this approach was sufficient for covering costs, it wasn’t a method that was going to bring Brighton & Beck to the next level.


MOD instilled our client attraction system, a system that enables Brighton & Beck to say “When we invest this, we’re going to get this in return” a system that enabled them to say goodbye to cold uncertainty and hello to a predictable system that enables them to accelerate the growth of their business.


Cold calling/referrals



Consistent leads

30 days



Abandon the maze of guesswork, save yourself from the trial-by-fire, and sidestep the endless rabbit hole of solo troubleshooting. Leap forward into a world where business growth is fueled by data-backed acquisition strategies, proven conversion funnels, and robust operational frameworks. Because let's be honest, growth should be about strategy and hard work, not just hoping for a lucky break.

Facebook/Instagram Paid Advertising

Results In Just Two Months

£914 Spent 76 Leads £12.03 Cost Per Lead

Get Your Free Instant Valuation

Brighton & Beck utilise a Real Estate SaaS company for their lead magnet and funnel. It works in three stages. The prospect lands on the website and is prompted for the address of the property they are seeking the valuation for. From there, in order to get their valuation, the prospect must then submit their contact details including their name, email, and telephone number.

From here the prospect is presented with an estimated price for their home. Simultaneously, Brighton & Beck receive not just their prospect's name and email address, but further, their telephone number and every detail of the exact property the prospect is looking to sell. Can you imagine how valuable that information is to Brighton & Beck?

Finding ready-to-sell clients

The bottom line with this system is that in order to convert leads into customers, you need to attract and generate them first. To achieve this for Brighton & Beck we capitalised on the most advanced data and AI on earth to find ready-to-sell prospects and serve them with our ads.

We concocted a series of personas and segments of potential customers for Brighton & Beck condensing them into an algorithm-friendly series of audiences to be served with specific, relatable and personalised ads.

Building ads that resonate

Sure, creating segments is useful for understanding customers - but it’s also pretty useless if you don’t know how to turn it into action. For each segment/audience, we consistently create, test and optimise a plethora of creatives. Finding a balance between addressing pain points and desires that truly matter to the prospect so you can position yourself as the one and only solution.

What’s more important, however, is in listening and understanding the response to each creative. What works? What doesn’t work? What could be better? What colour do people click more often? What image works better with each background?

Staying vigilant

For most of the clients who’ve moved to us after a failed experience with another agency, the downfall mostly always boils down to the agency's naive approach to consistent results. It’s not enough to create one general ad talking about how great the company is, putting it in front of as many eyes as possible, sitting fingers crossed that it will be a while before it dies a miserable death and then acting surprised when there are no results only a week down the line. 

Success comes from an abundance of ads targeted to people who are actually interested in your product with consistent optimisation resulting in forever improving ROI.

£12.03 Per 4-figure Lead

In just the last two months, we spent £914.12 and generated 76 leads for Brighton & Beck. That’s just £12.03 for a lead that can be worth thousands of pounds for Brighton and Beck. In fact, as little as a 2 or 3% conversion rate would cover the entire marketing spend in one transaction. What could those sorts of numbers do for your business?

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Daniel Beck



"Brilliant stuff, thanks a lot guys."


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