Pretty Woman

Making an old brand new + 2,479.92% Return On Ad Spend and First Page of Google


Any bride who dreams of choosing her bridal gown will enjoy choosing from the Pretty Woman range. Pretty Woman pride themselves on the ability to offer one of the largest selections of Wedding Dresses in Edinburgh. With a prominent spot in the capital for over 20 years, it’s safe to say that Pretty Woman has accompanied the world through the journey of the internet. But Pretty Woman was never able to find a solution that stuck, one that they could rely on.


MOD worked with Pretty Woman to completely overhaul their digital presence and approach to online marketing. MOD took the reins; we redesigned and completely transformed the Pretty Woman online brand, the digital marketing strategy and we introduced a much more efficient system to engage and nurture prospects.


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Online Rebrand

Website resurrection

Pretty Woman were stuck with a broken, unoptimized and futile ‘website’. The website had missing plugins, broken links, and didn’t even feature a logo.

After our strategy session and roadmap development with Pretty Woman, we were able to completely pivot the online presence of Pretty Woman. The website was transformed from monster to market leading and now grants Pretty Woman a further competitive edge over the competition.

Logo design and branding

With the only trace of a logo being the font used on a business card, we spared no time conceptualising various identities for Pretty Woman to choose from. We reached the sweet spot with a simple, yet vogue blend of typography and shape.

Crafted for now

The agency prior to MOD had left Pretty Woman with virtually no optimisation - the website didn’t function properly on desktop, let alone on mobile, and there were no practices in place to make the website search engine ready.

Pretty Woman now stands proudly on the first page of google and the website is primed and ready to handle any device type.

Facebook Advertising

Driving in-person bookings

Pretty Woman make the vast majority of sales through their fitting and try-on appointments. To-be brides schedule a bespoke browsing and fitting session with champagne, their friends get to come too! It’s no surprise that this strategy converts.

So, we set out to generate more of these red-hot leads for the Pretty Woman team to convert.

‍So how? Simple: Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook gathers more data on you than you probably know, but when you take a step back, it’s pretty obvious. Think about it, when was the last time you needed something really badly, and then when you were scrolling down your Instagram it appeared out of nowhere between Kylie Jenner’s new car and your Aunt and Uncle’s anniversary pictures?

Engaging people before the big day

In order to generate bookings from new customers, we needed to reach the people most likely to be in the need of a dress. So it’s probably no surprise that our primary targeting was fixated around recently engaged women, friends of recently engaged women and high school girls looking for universities (in their last year, getting ready for prom).

£17.25 average per appointment scheduled

Consistently hitting the sweet spot between audience and creative enabled us to generate bookings consistently at an average cost of £17.25. With an average sale price at £890, even a 50% conversion rate would bring £6230 in returns from the £241.48 of spend before UK lockdown’s forced Pretty Woman's doors shut in 2020.

If you want to know what the sweet spot is, click here to schedule a free breakthrough strategy session, and we’ll work together to unmask newfound clarity about where you are right now, and what’s holding you back from the next level.

Website Funnels

Building landing designed to generate appointments

As important as any advert is - is the web page they are pointed to. We created designated landing pages stripped of all distractions and focused on one thing: maximising bookings. The text and website graphics were all designed to seamlessly move our prospects towards the form submission.

Nothing ruins a great ad campaign like slow page speed. The last thing you want is to pay for people to click on the ads, and then leave before even seeing the website (which happens far too often). With that in mind, we built the landing pages with page load speed as a priority. This resulted in an excellent average load time of less than 3 seconds.

Booking system integration

The website was built so that in the click of a button Pretty Woman could make edits and add new images and dresses to the website. But the efficiencies didn’t stop there, MOD helped Pretty Woman scrap their written calendar system and move to a fully autonomous online solution for viewing, scheduling and managing all of their appointments in one place.
The tool granted website users the ability to book their appointment there and then, without the need for back and forth emails. This system drastically reduces the opportunity for competitors to intervene and steal the prospects attention before they make their first commitment to Pretty Woman and to entering the purchasing journey.


Knowing from the get-go that our SEO strategy would be proven to work we implemented a strategy to allow not only the paid traffic from Facebook and Instagram to convert, but also the organic traffic we would start to see an increase in over time.

We crafted a chat bot to carry unrefined organic users on the homepage of the website through to the personalised and niche specific funnels that we built for each audience. Making it a seamless process for the user to find exactly what they are looking for meanwhile ensuring the appropriate messaging and call to actions are served to them.