N7 Design Studio

Saving a design agency from bad design


N7 Design Studio is an innovative Architectural Design Studio known for its out-of-the-box thinking that breathes new life into homes of all shapes and sizes. For years, N7 had been stuck with an acrimonious maze of content. Not only was it hard to navigate, but it was also next to impossible for N7 to update and maintain.


MOD Digital worked with N7 to develop a captivating website that was not only built for the now, but also one that would stay built for now and wouldn’t need replaced again a couple of years later.


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Webflow Design & Development

Website Reinvention

Your website is often the first or second impression people have of your business - as a design agency, a company that sells a visual end result, it’s definitely important for that impression to be a lasting one and for the first visual a prospect will see to be on point.

N7 now boasts animation, minimalism and a slickness that truly reflects their work.

Webflow CMS


Built with the webflow CMS and configured by MOD Digital to N7’s exact requirements, you’d struggle to break this website with a hammer.

The seamless editor function allows N7 to make changes, add content and new images with ease. With MOD’s predefined dynamic coding setup, all of the content is automatically optimised and sorted to show in the best user-optimised order and format.

Action Orientated Typography


With minimal usable content on the old website, and with nobody available in-house to look after the written word, N7 consulted MOD to provide the copywriting and typography for the website.

Capitalising on our forte for lead generation we collaborated with N7 Design Studio to shape a series of action-oriented typography, captivating brand copy and human-centric informative text.