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Giving a face to the voice of the UK


For the past 15 years, Danny Cowan has been known as one of the most recognisable voices in the country. With companies such as 4, BBC, Netflix and Dreamworks in his repertoire, it’s likely you’ve heard his voice before. “When I was made redundant right at the start of the pandemic, I needed to get my act together and set up a website where people could see and hear all of my work. There were a couple of problems I had to overcome, firstly material, what the hell was I going to put on this website, and secondly (and quite important) I know absolutely nothing about building/hosting websites at all … like less than nothing!”


“As if by magic I was reading an article from my bank about a 16 year old entrepreneur who had his own website and marketing business. The more and more I read, I was reminded of how I was at that age and how determined I was to work for the BBC in London. I did some research, and liked the look of Flynn’s work, so got in contact with him. Probably the best move I ever did.” We took Danny by the hand and walked him comfortably through the entire process.


Logo Design
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Logo Design

As a startup, Danny didn’t have any branding present. The first step was to create a clear logo that could be used across platforms. After initial requirements, multiple concepts and final steps of revisions, the DC Voiceover Logo was born.

Website Development

A one stop shop for prospects

The DC voiceover website needed three key objectives aligned to be a true success; Easy access to a rolodex of content, true insight into the impact of Danny’s voice and a back-end for Dan that would allow seamless updates and changes.

We married usability with structure and elegance to give Danny Cowan an image powerful enough to mirror his voice and talent. A combination of colour, coding and creativity brought us the DC Voiceover website his prospects know and love today.

Ready for the now

As standard, the DC Voiceover website was fully optimized for all screen sizes and device types and following the best practices for search engines.

Backend editing

Creators gonna create.

As a creator with an endless stream of new content, it was hugely important that Dan could update and make changes to his website quickly. We don’t believe in massive charges for tiny changes, that’s not how a post-delivery relationship should operate. So building with Danny at the front of our mind, we curated a unique update system that facilitates new content in less than 80 seconds (we totally timed it) meaning that as and when Dan finishes more awesome work, he can put it straight on the website himself.


I did some research, and liked the look of Flynn’s work, so got in contact with him. Probably the best move I ever did. Right from the very start Flynn guided me through the whole process, he designed the logo for my company, came up with a design for the site, made it easy for me to change and adjusted things when I asked for them to be changed. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Flynn. He has been very patient when I couldn’t get the material, or took an eternity to decide what I wanted. If you’re looking for website design, I would highly recommend Flynn, his enthusiasm and determination is infectious. I have no doubt if he’s this successful at 17, he will be well on the way to World domination (when it comes to website design, if not everything else) by the time he’s 20.

Dannny Cowan | DC Voiceover