Dalson Alarms

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Project Overview

Dalson Alarms are a family run business based in Loanhead, Edinburgh. With almost 30 years experience in the security industry, Dalson Alarms are committed to meeting customer needs through the prompt delivery of cost-effective, innovative and high-quality security solutions.

MOD was approached by Dalson Alarms to bring a modern look to their modern brand. We took their ancient website and transformed it into the refreshed, clean and professional site it should be!

Web Design
Dalson Website

Super-Imposed Branding

Dalson Alarms wanted to create a strong brand image, they, unfortunately, didn't have the necessary photos. Fear not! MOD decided to superimpose the Dalson Logo onto multiple images to showcase features such as the Dalson App - no photos needed!

On-The-Go Client Management

Managing enquiries has never been easier, with our simple app integration, Dalson Alarms are able to speak to customers anywhere, anytime.


The Stats

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