Resurrecting a dinosaur


Since opening their doors in 2003, Connolly Hair has grown to be one of the most prominent spots in the New Town, guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all their customers. Connolly needed something a whole lot more 'Wow' than their previous website. Connolly requested an elegant, vogue, yet minimalistic website - what they had was messy, dated and most importantly, wasn’t generating customers.


MOD worked with Connolly to align three core objectives - reinvent the digital aesthetic, integrate their booking system to improve user experience and build a fully optimised website. We combined user friendliness with modern trends and device compatibility optimisation to deliver a chic new digital experience for Connolly hair.


Booking System
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The New Connolly Website

A Transformation

The Connolly website was not an alteration project, we couldn’t take what they already had and tweak it - we needed to modernise the brand image entirely, so we rebuilt their website.

Connolly needed a connected digital experience that could foster better bookings, enable their team, and communicate their wealth of experience and quality service so they could continue to bring smiles to customers for years to come.

Mobile Optimisation

With the largest percentage of the target audience using a mobile device, it was vital that the website was built from a mobile first position.

As with anything we create at MOD, we ensured that the Connolly website was mobile-friendly and ready to view on any screen.


Integrated Bookings

With a strong system existing, and bookings in the pipeline, Connolly wished to stick with their existing client bookings software. What they hadn’t done before however, was given users the ability to use this within the website itself. MOD connected with the software providers and sourced the appropriate code to embed the booking system within the Connolly website itself. Saving users the hassle of redirects and enabling Connolly to retain website traffic and keep their booking on-brand. Increasing credibility, a feeling of safety, and in-turn new bookings.

Instagram Feed Integration

Connolly uses Instagram as a primary means of updating customers on new products, showing their latest styles, and attracting new clients. MOD installed an integration and empowered Connolly to have this content visible within the website and also to have it dynamically update as and when they post.


We needed to stay connected with our customers beyond the shop doors - and after speaking to MOD for 10 minutes - I knew they were the answer. They were able to take my project and run with it. Delivering exactly what we were looking for in no time.

Christina Connolly