Barbros Edinburgh

A lockdown ready booking system to drive sales in a dark period


With 4 branches across the capital, Barbros Edinburgh promises a barber experience like no other. We use their branch in the west of Edinburgh and can confirm it is pretty special. Before MOD, Barbros were operating with a dated walk-in system, long wait times and queues, each day uncertain on how many customers they would see, how to efficiently manage staff schedules, what revenue they would bring in.


We turned over a consumer ready website in just 11 days to match Barbros’s demanding situation. Fully equipped with a comprehensive booking system and mobile app integration for the synchronised management of bookings, calendars and cancellations. Barbros were able to successfully implement all government safety and hygiene protocol, without having to sacrifice great quality, speed and customer service.


Booking System
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Website Development

Speed + Quality = Efficiency

To make this project a success, three things needed to be aligned. A sharp turnaround, full integration and no compromise to the user experience. Was this going to be a challenge? Yes. Was that going to stop us? Hell no!

Then how did we do it?

MOD took advantage of our exclusive partnership with web platform and collaborated to develop a comprehensive booking platform for Barbros. With our creativity hard at work, we blended simplicity with character and crafted the modern Barbros online experience. Fully optimised for mobile, full domain connectivity and even in 11 days, nothing short of clean, slick and as sharp as their fades.


Did we mention the website is on the first page of google?

With the highest standard of SEO compatibility and UI/UX standards as well as Nyo’s metadata and keyword skills, Barbros soared to the top of Google searches and sits comfortably on page 1.

Booking System

Client management - anywhere

Perhaps some business owners' worst nightmare - access to your clients from anywhere… But for Barbros it was a necessity. The app integration enables the team to monitor bookings, cancel appointments and rearrange staff schedules - all from their pocket.

Customers too can manage their own bookings through a member platform built onto the website.

New found clarity

Not only did the app enable management of customers, but arguably more importantly, the system MOD developed gave insight into key business data never available in this level of depth and transparency.

With this previously unseen data, the executives are now able to make data-driven decisions and monitor the effects that each decision brings. The CEO of the company has been able to better understand his operations and can put staff in the right place at the right time.


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I thought I was buying a website with a booking system when I engaged MOD Digital but they went above and beyond and then beyond again.Not only did they deliver on my website and booking system expectations but the backend analytics have opened new doors for my business and have granted me insights, I didn’t think possible, into how I can improve my business beyond our marketing. Beyond the service, MOD answered any questions I had and were very responsive. I could not recommend the team enough.

Yalcin Genc