How you can save countless hours testing every inefficient method out there hoping to find new customers
The way to put an end to wasting money & resources on lead-generation methods that don't really work!
The proven system you can replicate easily that consistently generates leads for you & works like your automated salesperson 24x7

About Flynn Blackie

After dropping out of High School at the age of just 16 and going on to create a Global Lead Generation Agency (MOD Digital) Flynn’s diverse audience spans from the budding entrepreneurs looking to escape the grasp of traditional education through to Silicon Valley executives that frequently share his techniques, interviews and insights with their sales/marketing teams.
Since then, Flynn, with his kickass army of superheroes at MOD Digital, has helped over 50+ brands from different industries, sizes, and geographical locations to surpass their revenue goals and has featured in numerous reputed publications for his notable achievements.

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We are delighted with the work done by MOD Digital! So glad we decided to work with you! It's really great how easy your websites are to update and manage. Thanks for understanding our business needs.

Darren Jackson

Director @ Main Event Transfers

Since partnering with MOD, we saw our website engagement increase 10 fold leading to a huge number of new customers. Could not recommend the team enough.

Yalcin Genc

CEO @ Barbros

Our online identity was turning into a fossil, we needed a new one, and fast. MOD delivered the perfect, playful, and user friendly website we were looking for!

Christina Connolly

Founder @ Connolly

We needed a modern & professional website in a very short timeframe before a key trade-show. MOD quickly understood the brief and worked very quickly to deliver our vision on time!

Kevin Murphy

Co-Founder @ Medpoint

From the moment of the first ‘scoping’ meeting, I had confidence in MOD Digital’s ability to deliver a quality service for me. There was a solid background investigation to understand the business that the website was for and this provided their lead strategist, Flynn with a context to the business that he could design and build the site from. His attention to detail was exceptional and he managed to capture the essence of what I was looking in the design and deliver ahead of the original time scale and within budget. I was kept up to date with progress and provided with milestone information as the project progressed. I’m delighted with the end result and wholeheartedly endorse MOD Digital for web and social media services.

Derek Brown

Founder @ Incrementum

As if by magic I was reading an article from my bank about a teen entrepreneur who had set up his own website design business. The more and more I read, I was reminded of how I was at that age and how determined I was to work for the BBC in London. I did some research, and liked the look of Flynn’s work, so got in contact with him. Probably the best move I ever did. I have no doubt if he’s this successful at 17, he will be well on the way to World domination (when it comes to website design, if not everything else) by the time he’s 20.

Danny Cowan

Founder @ DC Voiceover

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